20 Course Changing Realizations

  1. That I would spend more time at work than with my family. Do work you enjoy. 
  2. That Mom was right when she said time goes by faster as you get older. I’m aiming for light speed!
  3. That refrigerator art really is amazing if you love the child; otherwise, it’s just scribbles, people.
  4. Kids ask their best questions at night. Tuck them in as long as you can for the conversations. 
  5. You can not ask too many questions before asking someone to marry you. Interviewing a lifetime partner in crime requires a few extra hard questions if you want the journey to be fun.
  6. Some friends are just a convenience. Quit work, they disappear. It’s ok. You can’t be best friends with everybody. 
  7. You need a board of friends (brothers in my case). Give them permission to tell you the truth and expose your blind spots. This is a rare level of trust. Be thankful. 
  8. Learn to enjoy learning. Life will be more fun and work requires it. 
  9. You’ll actually stay in touch with your college friends. They are worth the investment. 
  10. The earlier you invest in your retirement the better. Compound interest is perhaps your only financial friend. 
  11. You may discover that you are actually (unintentionally) mentoring someone. If so, call them a friend and keep pouring into that life giving relationship.
  12. Death of loved ones will surprise you–even if you know it is coming. Live your life to honor their legacy, tell, and re-tell their stories.
  13. Train your funny bone. Humor is needed more than any athletic skill you can acquire. 
  14. You will hurt those closest to you. You are human. Forgive and accept forgiveness. 
  15. You’ll sing your best in the car. Someone will catch you. Throw your best “Rock On” sign and keep singing.
  16. Your greatest testimony is what Jesus has done for you. Be ready to tell that story in first person. It really is better than a 2,000 year old third person account anyway. 
  17. Don’t say you are going to pray for somebody if you are not going to. There is a word for that, lying. 
  18. Speaking of which, you will never see a liar, liar pants on fire. This fact, along with others, will debunk lots of those warm fuzzies you learned as a kid. Sticks and stones… Is another one. Distrust short sayings even if there is a list of twenty combined. 
  19. There is a middle schooler in basically every man you see walking around. Takes very little for that to come to the surface. 
  20. Sometimes you’ll see yourself in the mirror and think, “who is that old guy?” Other times, you’ll look at an old picture and ask, “who is that kid?” I’m not sure if my inside age and actual age ever match. 

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